What Can I do?

I wish more than anything right now that I had enough mastery over the English language that I could truly convey how I feel, that I could cause other people to stop and think and feel, and that I could write a statement powerful enough to sweep the nation and become the platform which brings us all together.

I do not have that mastery. So instead, I invoke change by doing what I know- praying.

I pray for all the people who have broken hearts. Hearts broken by pain, by anger, by greed, and by fear.

I pray that people are slow to judge and quick to love. That they research issues and that they forgive.

I pray that people learn to move beyond past events and be willing to grow.

I pray that people don’t forget the past so they will not repeat the same mistakes and so that they see the power of YAWEH.

And all this time my heart weeps and my heart mourns and more than anything my heart REJOICES because there is HOPE. Because LOVE is POWERFUL.

I have faith that there will be change.

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